Yves Vanderveken – Locating


I locate, you locate, they locate – it’s a serious business.

The organism, the molecule and the chemistry, it’s difficult – but, that’s okay.
Thought, consciousness, the unconscious, language, the soul and depression, […] the cause of desire? […] it’s even trickier – Internal or external? In-body or out-of-body? Even Freud is shafted.
The drive? Hum!
[…] and nothingness? Argh!

As for the brain. Where to locate it?
You think we’re kidding? Not at all!
And we are not alone in asking these “scientific” questions – accordingly […] seriously.

Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen of Paris, Ruzanna Hakobyan of Montreal and Miquel Bassols of Barcelona, trace for us – and they are not flying solo here – several fundamental lines which orient the theme and point to that which is at stake for the upcoming Pipol 9 Congress.

Translation: Raphael Montague

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