Anne Chaumont – To Be Treated Like a Machine, in Vain


Science has the power to be desegregative because its discourse exploits a very pure mode of the subject. Éric Laurent reminded us of this during the European Forum of Zadig in Belgium which has just been held in Brussels, Discourses That Kill [1]. But to immediately add, that if at first this discourse has the power to free us from our subjective peculiarities, by canceling them, in fact what follows is “the insurrection of jouissances” which it foments, because “calculus accentuates that which resists its own inclusion”.

This new issue of a-kephalos will certainly further contribute to the orientation of our work towards PIPOL 9.

Inside, with Solenne Albert, we learn that one of the consequences of the cognitivist dream – which consists in inferring mental processes from the study of the living organ of the brain – is the imperative of its overstimulation which excludes desire. And with Giuliana Capannelli, that in the face of the real “becoming neuro-real” [2], our unconscious resists, offering “the most relevant proof of the reality of the discourse that has not yet been written”. This remains, in lieu of mechanization, at the same time what guarantees, divides, and renders the subject incomparable.

Quickly! We invite you to find the time to read, to take pleasure in reading this issue and moreover, take the opportunity to stimulate your reading neurons! [3]

Translation by Raphael Montague

[1] European Forum of Zadig in Belgium on “Discourses That Kill” held on the 1st of December 2018 and gathering 660 people at the University Saint Louis-Brussels.
[2] Miller, J.-A., Neuro-, le nouveau réel [Neuro-, The New Real], La Cause du désir, No. 98, March 2018, p. 117.
[3] Dehaene, S., Les neurones de la lecture [Neurons in Reading], Paris: Odile Jacob, 2007.

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