Céline Aulit – An empty knowledge that leads to the worst


A century after Freud’s discovery in hysteria: “a lack of correspondence between soma and being,” as noted by Emilia Cece; here we are, under the guise of scientific advances, plunged back into this conception of the human governed by neuronal explanations. France Jaigu, commenting on the very beautiful film, Still Alice, shows us just how empty this knowledge is.

For some time now in Belgium we have been presented with the future of these scientific illusions. As Deborah Gutermann-Jacquet points out: in the denial of the existence of a psychical life many people no longer find a space to deploy their mode of jouissance. At the same time, in the  refusal of protocolised care plans as prescribed by experts these subjects don’t have the opportunity to inscribe themselves in the experience such that a non-su [a knowledge, après coup rather than a priori] can be lodged; according to the distinction made by Jacques-Alain Miller. [1]

The only option remaining to them is the right to information: euthanasia, as determined in three meetings with expert doctors, will allow them to shorten their psychical suffering.

It’s happening in Belgium in 2019.

Translation by Raphael Montague

[1] Miller, J.-A., Contraindications to Psychoanalytical Treatment, In Mental, 1998. English translation can be found here:

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