Yves Vanderveken – Production of the Unconscious


In this exceptional issue of a-kephalos Marie-Helene Brousse, Esthela Solano, Eric Laurent and François Ansermet converse, reflect, analyse, discuss, fight, retort and argue.

It is about the unconscious. About what it is, for psychoanalysis, in the Lacanian orientation.

The unconscious, it speaks [ça parle]. It is a fact of and for language. Arising from an “other scene”, which can be supposed as a want to say.

Lacan insisted that for Freud, it is not the dream that counts (memory, neural process, etc.) but the way it is recounted, the narration that’s made of it. [1]

Thus, no substantification or no localisable ontology, but a subject supposed according to a formation of the unconscious, from which can be built a – particular -knowledge about desire and jouissance. It is on this production that the analytic interpretation bears; on nothing else. The real that it circumscribes, is proper to each one.

Translation: Raphael Montague

[1] Lacan J., “Universités nord-américaines”, in Scilicet, n° 6/7, 1975, p.13. Published under the title: Yale University, Kanzer Seminar. Unpublished in English.

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